Collection: Nora Fleming Minis

Imagine one platter that changes for every holiday, event, or season. All you have to do is remove one mini, add another, and presto, a whole new look!

How it works:

Step 1: Select your Nora Fleming base & minis.
Step 2: Dab the hole in a platter with water and insert a mini into the hole.
Step 3: Push the mini from the top then pull the mini stem from under the platform rim to secure. It’s that easy!

Now you can use one platter for EVERY occasion. Start your collection today! 

*All minis are hand-made and hand-painted with care and concern for every detail. The bubbles and pinholes that give the pieces some character are part of the glazing and decorating process of any ceramics. There will always be some measure of variation between items, even items with the same SKU. Much different than a mass-produced item in a different material that might all look the same.
*Hand Wash Only - Not Dishwasher Safe*

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